Las_Tig // At the metal department of the prison workshop in Esserheem, prisoners can get their welding diploma, which may improve their chances on employment after their release from prison. One of these diploma’s is called the TIG-welding diploma. In order to pass this exam, the prisoner has to be able to connect several complex welds, with use of the TIG technique. Studio Unitt has designed a bicycle that enables the prisoners to perform all the required exam techniques. Two frame shapes are created from steel plate by use of the water cutting technology. The prisoner will then weld these together as part of the examination test. The quality of the welds is tested by injecting water under high pressure through the valve of the frame. The prisoners get their welding diploma if the frame does not show any signs of leakage, after which the Las_Tig, the masterpiece, can be completed.


COLLECTIE VEENHUIZEN x Studio UNITT // A social-design based collection of products and services inspired by the prison village of Veenhuizen. The products and services developed for the collection have been influenced by the cultural, historical, social and environmental qualities of the local area, and thereby reveal a previously undisclosed Veenhuizen. A portion of the collection was designed and produced in collaboration with the inmates of Veenhuizen Prison, through which the talents of the inmates and the advanced production facilities of the prison workshops were addressed and further developed. The first seven projects are momentarily in the first phase of development.



Photo Credits // Collectie Veenhuizen