Designs for Flies // The project was developed in close collaboration with scientists at the Kyoto Institute of Technology (Japan) and it proposes a personalized drug-screening strategy for patients living with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT). Building upon the research conducted by professor Yamaguchi and his team (creating a genetic map for CMT) the project promotes the use of genetically engineered fruit flies (to mimic the patients characteristics) as ‘guinea pigs’ for drug testing.
A specially designed toolkit connected to a subscription service would allow large scale pharmacological screenings to be performed by the patients at home - whereby they themselves would become instrumental in finding potential cures. Within the device, personalized transgenetic fuit flies are fed with random chemical compounds (that could be used for the development of medication) mixed into their food. Next, via a series of automated experiment their behavior is analyzed to discern any therapeutic effects.
Within the framework of a speculative design proposal, this project attempts to create a feasible and inclusive alternative to the reigning capitalist politics that would benefit all parties involved.


Frank Kolkman Experimental Design // Frank Kolkman is an experimental designer whose latest projects include: an Out-of-body experience simulator, a Domestic drug screening kit, a DIY Surgical Robot and proposals for a Humane Caviar Extraction Super Yacht & a Synthetic Rhino Horn Growing Device. 
Trying to combine his curiosity towards the inner workings of things with analytical thinking and intuitive making, Frank aims to challenge our understanding of current and near-future technologies and their sociopolitical implications.



Photo Credits // Juuke Schoorl