Twenty // From creams to cleaning agents, most of our household products contain more than 80 percent water. What if that water is left out and added later? It would save a lot of unnecessary transport, CO2 emissions and packaging. This is what Mirjam de Bruijn proposes with ‘Twenty’ – a brand forecast setting an example for the industry. Because being more sustainable doesn’t have to be difficult. Here, a cleaning detergent, dish soap and shampoo are concentrated into soluble granules, a tablet and liquid capsule. Once home, you put the capsule in a high quality re-usable bottle and it’s just a matter of turning on the tap and giving it all a good mix.


Mirjam de Bruijn // 

Mirjam de Bruijn uses design as a tool to push critical analysis and research further than just ideas; into actual functional, elegant and attractive products. In her work Mirjam identifies new design opportunities, often connected to societal challenges and develops sollutions that explore the border between usability and esthetics in order to design well balanced products that are appealing to their users in form and function. 

In Mirjam's design process material and color play a big role, as she believes that these qualities and the way they interact with our senses, are basic ingredients in making products that people will connect to in their daily life. 

Mirjam de Bruijn recently graduated Cum Laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven with her two projects Asana and Twenty.


Photo Credits // David Meulenbeld