Living Pavement // Gewildgroei is advocating a new approach towards nature and the city. Nowadays vast amounts of money are spent on destroying spontaneous vegetation and at the same time maintaining ‘normal’ greenery. Gewildgroei is a movement. We do not see 'weeds' as a problem, but as a partner. Join our revolution of public greenery! 

The Living Pavement tiles offer space for spontaneous growth. By replacing a normal paving tile with a Living Pavement tile, you show that wild plants are beautiful, useful and welcome. Also you provide better rainwater infiltration and promote more biodiversity. Do your part and let nature do the rest!




Gewildgroei // Gewildgroei is a multidisciplinary collaboration between social/spatial designers Bennie Meek and Vincent Wittenberg and experts in the field of psychology, ecological maintenance and urban planning.



Photo Credts // Nick Helderman