People's Pavilion - 100% borrowed // In October 2018 the Dutch Design Week (DDW) - the largest and most important design event in Northern Europe - took place in Eindhoven (NL). DDW’s central meeting place was the People's Pavilion. 

Conceived as a design statement of the new circular economy, the building’s designers - bureau SLA & Overtreders W - have added a radical new facet to the circular concept: their Pavilion was made entirely of borrowed materials. Not only materials borrowed from traditional suppliers and producers, but also from Eindhoven residents themselves. And to be clear, it’s not 70% or 80% or even 95%, but 100% of the building’s materials: concrete and wooden beams, facade elements, glass roof, recycled plastic cladding. Every element is borrowed for nine days, at which time they will all be returned to their owners, in exactly the same condition - with one special exception - as before, untouched by screws, nails, glue or saws. The exception? The striking colored tiles that make up the Pavilion’s upper facade, made from plastic household waste materials collected by Eindhoven residents, which is distributed among those very residents at the end of DDW. In short, the People's Pavilion reveals a new future for sustainable building architecture: a powerful design language with new collaborations and intelligent construction methods.


bureau SLA & Overtreders W // The design team consists of bureau SLA & Overtreders W. The architects and designers of both firms have a 10 year standing relationship in realizing extraordinary sustainable projects. They find each other in a combination of naivety, experiment en pragmatism.




Photo Credits // Filip Dujardin and Jeroen van der Wielen