Care Collection // Malawi barely has its own manufacturing industry. Businesses, institutions and even hospitals must therefore import their equipment from Europe, America and Asia. This imported equipment is often extremely expensive, too complex or of poor quality. This is why many hospitals in Malawi are filled with derelict equipment.

Commissioned by the Malawian business Sakaramenta, Super Local developed a new collection of hospital equipment with local available materials and techniques. This gives hospitals in Malawi the opportunity to purchase affordable products with a warranty, and at the same time creating jobs and benefiting the nation’s economy.


Super Local // At Super Local we design products, services and systems to improve the quality of live of the poor. 90% of the world population is lacking the financial capacity for traditional design, but does have a need for well-designed products and insightful solutions.

We are passionate problem solvers, story tellers and fixers and our human-centered approach is hands-on and based on collaboration with local craftsmen, communities, organizations and partners.


Photo Credits // Super Local